Image by Gavin Van Wagoner


Your gifts to the Bristol Bay Defense Fund will allow us to ensure the opposition to the proposed Pebble Mine has the resources it needs to be successful.


Your contributions are essential to changing the dynamic of this fight. From coordinating technical and legal experts to ensure mine opponents have their voices heard in the federal government's permitting process, to providing funding for people in the Bristol Bay region to travel to Washington, D.C. to speak directly to decision makers, your donations will support our mission in vital ways. In addition, because we believe so deeply in this cause, we operate with an extremely low administrative cost, ensuring that more of your dollars go directly to fighting this battle in Bristol Bay and Washington, D.C. 


The Pebble Limited Corporation has nearly endless resources. They have made it clear that they will spend whatever it takes to see this mine permitted and will continue looking for new investors who can deepen their pockets. Additionally, this project is deep into the federal permitting process, with a stated goal of completing that process by the end of 2020. This timeline would make it the fastest federal permitting process ever for a project of this size. Between the Pebble Limited Corporation’s massive resources and a federal government that has taken a friendly stance on their project, the Pebble Mine is closer than ever to becoming a reality—but now is not the time to give up.


Our best chance of stopping the Pebble Mine from becoming a reality is with your help. We need to be able to match the presence the mining company has with decision makers in Washington, D.C., at public hearings in Bristol Bay, and with the elected officials of Alaska. Your contributions make all of that work possible, and it is critical this fight continues for as long as Bristol Bay is under threat.