Bristol Bay is one of the most special places in the world.

Bristol Bay is the lifeblood of Alaska. Home to the world’s largest wild sockeye salmon run, the bay provides tens of thousands of Alaskan jobs and feeds Americans from coast to coast. Its pristine waters have sustained the Indigenous peoples of the region for millennia, and each year tens of thousands of anglers and visitors from around the world are drawn to its extraordinary beauty and abundance.  

If built, the foreign-owned Pebble Mine will poison Bristol Bay, weaken Alaska’s economy, and threaten the people of Bristol Bay and Alaska. Alaska's Economy, Salmon and Way of Life are at Stake. You can help stop the Pebble Mine and protect Bristol Bay.  Please donate today.

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who we are

The Bristol Bay Defense Fund is a coalition of business, tribal, nonprofit, and
community organizations dedicated to protecting Bristol Bay and its people from
the growing threat of the Pebble Mine.

The fight to Stop Pebble Mine has never been as urgent as it is today. The
members of the Defense Fund work together to ensure the people of Bristol Bay
and Alaskans have the resources necessary to defend themselves from the
threat posed by the Pebble Mine. Our job is to make certain the people most
impacted by the mine have access to scientific, technical and legal experts and
that their voices –not just industry lobbyists-- are heard by decision-makers in
Alaska and Washington, DC.

The Defense Fund’s investments are shaped by several of the most experienced
leaders in the long work to protect Bristol Bay. Learn more about our Leadership


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Stop Pebble Mine is a new communications initiative of the Bristol Bay Defense Fund. Visit the site and learn more about Pebble Mine and Bristol Bay. Sign up for email updates.


Support the Fund

The fate of Bristol Bay depends on you.

The Bristol Bay Defense Fund works with individuals, businesses, family foundations, wealth advisers and donor-advised funds to design major gifts in support of the effort to protect Bristol Bay. By choosing to support the Defense Fund as a major donor, you can have transformative impact—helping to save one of the planet’s last great wild places and the few intact salmon-based cultures remaining in the world. We’re available to discuss a tailored plan of giving with you and your advisors. 
The Bristol Bay Defense Fund also partners with several philanthropic foundations. We welcome unrestricted support for our Bristol Bay efforts as well as funding for specific investments, and we look forward to discussing your foundation’s priorities and opportunities for strategic partnership with the Defense Fund. 
There’s nothing like a visit to Bristol Bay to understand how globally important this watershed is. Each summer, the Defense Fund hosts annual trips to Bristol Bay to experience firsthand the region’s wonders, learn about the culture and Indigenous way of life, gain insight into large-scale mining and other threats and meet directly with the people fighting to protect their homeland and the world’s largest wild sockeye salmon runs.

Please contact us to begin a conversation about your impact on the future on Bristol Bay.